February 2023 Business Meeting Minutes

LPNA Business Meeting Minutes

Josh started the meeting fashionably late.


  • NeighborWoods program presentation: Randal Romie & Keith Francies from Greensboro Beautiful
  • Community building through planting trees – Goal 150 trees, on residential properties when possible
  • all native, hope for canopy trees when possible but there are mid and smaller versions
  • Hope for front yards – communal; will also plant in public spaces
  • Application will be on Greensboro Beautiful Website in early April-August 1 – register for a tree
  • Good sites: no power lines, about 500 square feet for root area for canopy trees – they will come look at your site and help place it, just apply if you want one
  • Share link in newsletter and at neighborhood events
  • Plant one tree on Arbor Day as a kickoff – rest planted in fall
  • Arbor Day Celebration – March 25, 10 am neighborhood can donate coffee, treats, water, etc (Costco has a form to get a gift card); would love neighbors to take photos for their website
  • FREE!!! (but you can donate to the Memorial & Honor Tree Program if you’d like) – thanks Robin for helping getting this program to Lindley!
  • District Updates:
  • District : Brooks Global
  • Expectation to have students in school by July 24
  • Hope for delayed work hours on Saturdays (currently set for 7am-6pm)
  • Neighborhood letter with specific requests
  • Oyster Roast – this weekend
  • Ask Becca – where is the donation tub?
  • Bring QR codes for donations and email sign up
  • Short Term Rentals
  • City Council meeting last night
  • Planning & Zoning meeting March 1 – expected to have a large turn out
  • Dyan has a proposed draft she would like to present to Zoning Meeting
  • Joyce has “Say No to Unlimited Airbnbs
    ” yard signs  – can get from Joyce Eury if you’d like one
  • LPNA Government and Community Liaison Working Group – Dyan taking the lead
  • Motion approved to re-engage neighbors to update neighborhood plan
  • Continue to strengthen ties with Highland Park, work with them on safety improvements to Holden/Walker
  • Joyce and increasing membership & participation
  • Recruit 5 people
  • Start a list of specific ways people can get involved and share with Joyce
  • Conversation for next time: communication plan
  • Meeting List for the year – last Tuesday of month; exceptions in bold (3/28, 4/25, 5/23 General, 6/27, 7/25, 8/29, 9/26 General, 10/24, 11/28, none in December)


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