Neighborhood Association

The vision of the LPNA is to advocate and support the development of a vibrant, sustainable, and healthy neighborhood that reflects both the history and potential for Lindley Park.
The LPNA is committed to:
  • Maintaining the Lindley Park Neighborhood Plan as adopted by the Greensboro City Council of August 17, 2004;
  • Achieving a sense of community and security by encouraging responsibility, involvement, and pride among all residents and owners;
  • Healthy and active relationships with other neighborhood groups, civic organizations, and government agencies;
  • Managing change while ensuring livable density, a diversity of architectural styles, and a well-maintained neighborhood;
  • Preserving and promoting public and private green spaces;
  • Respecting, recognizing, and maintaining ethnic, family, socio-economic, and culturaldiversity;
  • Safe, walkable streets;
  • Supporting local businesses and services;
  • A built environment compatible with the above goals

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