January 2023 General Meeting Minutes


Contributed by Becca Medendorp, LPNA Secretary


The first 2023 LPNA General Meeting was held at the Lindley Recreation Center on January 31st. Pizza, cookies, salad, and drinks were provided. A special thanks to LP residents Knut and Julie of boro Bakery for the delicious chocolate cookies! 


The following officers were elected:

Josh Sherrick – Chair/President
Joyce Eury – Vice Chair/Vice President
Blake Sagar -Treasurer
Becca Medendorp – Secretary

And the following volunteer positions were appointed or reconfirmed:

Events and Celebrations Working Group Chair – OPEN
Government and Community Liaison Working Group Chair – Dyan Arkin
Healthy Neighborhood Working Group Chair/Park Upkeep Coordinator – Elizabeth Link

Communications Working Group Chair – OPEN
Newsletter Editor – Jessica Beamon
Newsletter Advertising – Melissa Michos
Newsletter Distribution – Peggy Culkin
District 1 Representative – Betsy Grondy
District 2 Representative – John Borchert
District 3 Representative – Julie Radloff
District 4 Representative -Dan Hornfeck

Guest Speakers:

Code Compliance Division of Greensboro’s Housing & Neighborhood Development Department
Rodney Covington and Zach Lewis spoke about the responsibilities of the division, which include enforcement of codes, rules, regulations, and legal standards for residential and commercial properties; issuing notices of violation and assessing fees for properties that are out of compliance—abandoned houses, overgrown lots, tall grass, front yard parking—generally ensuring safe, healthy places for people to live, work, and play. They explained that enforcement is mainly complaint driven and that residents can call 336.373.2111 or go online at https://www.greensboro-nc.gov/departments/housing-neighborhood-development/code-compliance to report a violation. Inspectors try to get out in 3-5 business days, although it sometimes takes longer. In response to questions, they explained that front yard parking is only allowed on an approved surface (gravel or concrete) and is not legal on bare ground or grass.


Greensboro Police Department (GPD)

Officer Kyle Riles has been with the department 10 years and has recently been appointed as the District 1 Community Resource Officer. He responded to questions about Walker Avenue speeding and parking lot lingering; informed residents that a TikTok challenge has resulted in higher thefts of late-model Hyundais and Kias and that GPD will be starting program to provide steering wheel locks for vulnerable models at no cost; and noise ordinance calls. Calls for non-emergencies should be made to 336.373.3222 non-emergency police line and use 911 for emergency calls.


Kellin Foundation

Representatives from the Kellin Foundation told attendees that the Lindley Park Baptist Church, which closed in January, had donated the building and property to the Kellin Foundation. [See related article.]

Other Updates:

Rezoning at 4200/4600 United Street. The lot at the intersection of Holden, Ashland and Wendover has been rezoned to be developed for auto sale. The Highland Park neighborhood will be appealing the rezoning at the February 21st City Council meeting and asked for our support. [See related article.] 

Construction of Brooks Global Studies School. The site plan has been approved, but the building plan has not been approved as of February 10th. Port-a-potties have been delivered and construction is underway to close Berry Lane. Guilford County Schools representatives have suggested a meeting with the neighbors once that work is complete. [See related article.]


Ordinance Amendment for Short Term Rentals Policy. An amendment to the City’s development ordinance has been proposed and will be considered by the Planning and Zoning Commission at their March 1st meeting. [See related article.]


Neighborhood Events:
Oyster Roast. March 4th 4pm-6pm in the park – all you can eat $25 can purchase on the LPNA website (need to purchase tickets in advance). If you have your own oyster utensils and gloves, please bring them.


Park Clean Up. Next one is Sunday, February 12th [rescheduled to Saturday February 18th] with UNCG students from the Audubon Society 1-3pm.

Spring Fling. Will be scheduled in May.
Annual Neighborhood Yard Sale. May 20th [See related article.]


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