Greensboro Resources for COVID-19 Information

RESOURCES This information is provided as a courtesy and is in no way meant to be comprehensive.  COVID-19 Information and Updates (City of Greensboro) Trash collection services will continue as scheduled. Residents with extra trash should compact the bags and place them inside the City trash container. Bags left outside the container cannot be picked up […]

Neighborhood Power Surges

Neighborhood Power Surges On Friday, August 16th, many neighbors in Lindley Park experienced an extreme power surge resulting from a tree on Masonic Drive falling on a circuit and severely damaging a line. As a result, many homes incurred damages including fried breaker boxes, AC units, major appliances, computers, and other household electronics. An unofficial […]

Community Notice – Feedback Requested

Chemistry Nightclub Requests Variance The owner of the Chemistry nightclub at 2901 Spring Garden Street would like to turn the adjacent house at 2907 Spring Garden Street into a bar as well.  Because the house at 2907 is less than 200 feet from the apartments next door and from other residences on Spring Garden Street, […]